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Todd M. Kerstetter


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Associate Professor
American West, Environmental, Native American
Reed 326
(817) 257-6736


Educational Background


PhD, University of Nebraska
MA, University of Nebraska

BA, Duke University


Areas of study

  • 19th- and 20th-century Trans-Mississippi West
  • Religion
  • Popular culture, especially music and art

Courses Taught


HIST 10613    U.S. History:  A Survey since 1877
HIST 40653    The Progressive Period, 1877-1919
HIST 40703    Indians of the United States
HIST 40733    The American West to 1900
HIST 40813    The American West since 1900
HIST 40853    American Environmental History
HIST 40863    American Sport History
HIST 70603    Readings Seminar in U.S. History (various topics)

HIST 80603    Research Seminar in U.S. History (various topics)


Selected Publications


Inspiration and Innovation:  Religion in the American West (Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell, 2015)

God's Country, Uncle Sam's Land: Faith and Conflict in the American West (Urbana and Chicago:  University of Illinois Press, 2006).


Book Chapter

“State Violence and the Un-American West:  Mormons, American Indians, and Cults,” in From Jeremiad to Jihad:  Religion, Violence, and America, John D. Carlson and Jonathan H. Ebel, eds., (Berkeley:  University of California Press, 2012).


“Rock Music and the New West, 1980-2010,” Western Historical Quarterly 42 (Spring 2012):  53-71.

“’That’s Just the American Way’:  The Branch Davidian Tragedy and the American West,” Western Historical Quarterly 35 (Winter 2004): 453-471.
“`The Worst Floods in History’:  Federal Government and the Floods of 1944 in the Elkhorn River Basin,” Great Plains Quarterly 21 (Summer 2001): 179-192.

“Spin Doctors at Santee:  What the Dakota Press Said—and Didn’t Say—About the Ghost Dance and Wounded Knee,” Western Historical Quarterly 28 (Spring 1997): 45-67.