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Latin American History at TCU

The Department of History and Geography takes great pride in its tradition of promoting the study of Latin America.  The Department boasts the Neville G. Penrose Chair in Latin American History, currently occupied by Dr. Susan Ramirez, whose responsibility is to work exclusively with graduate students.  In addition, the Department features four other scholars of the region, an expert on early modern Spain, a geographer, a specialist in Chicano history, and a leading historian of U.S.-Latin American relations. 

Fields of research include: colonial Andes, Colombia, and the Spanish Caribbean, as well as modern Mexico and Central America.  Faculty members focus on social, diplomatic, and cultural history; however, they are willing to supervise a wide range of dissertations, outside their areas of expertise.  Recent dissertations have dealt with the Pan-Mayan movement, Tlatelolco and the politics of Mexican memory, Guatemala textiles, coffee in Central America, criminology in early twentieth-century Peru, and the sixteenth and seventeenth-century journeys of Andean indigenous emissaries to the Hapsburg court.  Students minor in a wide range of subjects and often take advantage of Latin Americanists in other departments, such as art history, Spanish, anthropology, economics, and political science. 

TCU is a friendly and cohesive community.  Advisors work closely with their students to encourage their participation in academic conferences, publications, and their broader professional development.  The Department benefits from strong financial resources and can offer tuition waivers and competitive fellowships, as well as grants for conference and research travel. 

TCU graduates have an excellent record of obtaining tenure-track positions.  In the last years, graduates have gone on to jobs at Texas State University, the University of Alabama, Elmhurst College, and Augusta State University, among several other institutions.  Potential applicants are encouraged to contact faculty members if they have any questions about the program.

Latin Americanist Faculty in History and Geography

  • Dr. Susan Ramirez, Neville G. Penrose Chair in Latin American History – Colonial Latin America, Andes, ethnohistory
  • Dr. Peter Szok, Associate Professor – Modern Central America, ethnicity, art and popular culture
  • Dr. Don Coerver, Professor – Modern Mexico, U.S.-Latin American relations, revolution in Latin America
  • Dr. Max Krochmal, Assistant Professor - U.S. Chicano/a, Latino/a, African-American; labor and social movements
  • Dr. Allan Gallay, Lyndon Baines Johnson Chair in U.S. History – colonial American & Atlantic worlds
  • Dr. Alex Hidalgo, Assistant Professor - colonial Latin America, Mesoamerican ethnohistory, visual studies, and the Iberian Atlantic
  • Dr. Jodi Campbell, Associate Professor – early modern Spain, Iberian Atlantic
  • Dr. Ben Tillman, Associate Professor – Latin America, cultural and historical geography