Middle East Minor

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Middle East Studies Minor

Middle East Studies is a new interdisciplinary program that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the history, religion, culture, and politics of the Middle East and North Africa. A Middle East Studies Minor or Emphasis prepares TCU students for academic and professional careers in politics, economics, and the humanities that focus on the Middle Eastern region and its connections to and interactions with the global community.

Why Middle East Studies?

  • Challenging and stimulating classes from diverse departments, such as Political Science, Religion, History, English, Sociology, and Anthropology
  • Flexible program; most courses fulfill TCU Core Curriculum Requirements
  • Work with mentors active in multiple fields of research & study

Sample topics covered in the minor and emphasis include:

  • Foundations of Islam & Islamic Civilizations
  • Arab Social and Political Activism
  • Roots of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
  • History of Syria and Iraq
  • American Wars in the Persian Gulf
  • Iranian-American Relations
  • Middle East Immigration
  • Literature and Culture of the Middle East and North Africa
  • Arab Feminisms


Minor: 18 hours

Emphasis: 15 hours


ANTH 30323: Comparative Studies in Transnational Migration
ANTH 30973: Multicultural France: Citizenship, Identity, and Nationalism
ENGL 20933: Non-Western World Literature
ENGL 20213: Global Women’s Writing
ENGL 30863: Literature of the Middle East & North Africa
HIST 10803: Introduction to Islamic Civilization
HIST 10813: Introduction to Modern Middle East History
HIST 30703: Modern Egypt
HIST 30733: History of Syria & Iraq
POSC 33133: Energy & Global Geostrategy
POSC 33703: Mideast Conflicts
POSC 35033: Islam & Politics
POSC 35043: Politics of Developing Nations
POSC 35503: The Politics of the Middle East & North Africa
RELI 10023: Understanding Religion: Communities
RELI 10043: Understanding Religion: Society & Culture
RELI 20503: Africa & the African Diaspora: History, Religion, and Culture
RELI 20513: Africa & the African Diaspora: History, Religion, and Culture
RELI 30543: Islam
RELI 30873: Islam in America
RELI 30863: Religion & Violence


Rima Abunasser, Department of English
Hanan Hammad, Department of History
Manochehr Dorraj, Department of Political Science
Yushau Sodiq, Department of Religion
Amina Zarrugh, Department of Sociology